Slovenian biopolymer day

National Institute of Chemistry as a lead partner of Plastice project in cooperation with Polymer Technology College and Chamber of Commerce Regional Chamber of Koroška region organized Slovenian Biopolymers day which took place in Slovenj Gradec on June 5th 2014. Seminar was devoted to ongoing projects from the field of biopolymers in Slovenia. Its main goal was to connect key players in this field in Slovenia. More than 45 participants were present, coming from industry, education centers and public institutions.
Modern biopolymers are relatively new materials, although first artificial materials were produced from renewable resources. Today we have variety of biopolymers available for use in different applications. In Slovenia at the moment we have 18 projects with biopolymer topics and all were presented at the seminar.
Seminar gave the overview of the whole biopolymer chain from production of materials from waste, development of new materials, replacement of existing conventional polymers with biopolymers, to recycling of materials and the effect of recycling process on material properties. Hosts of the seminar, Polymer Technology College from Slovenj Gradec also presented their laboratory equipment, used for biopolymer research and characterization, all being available to industry.

Young about Plastics National Debate competition

Last Thursday lead partner of the PLASTiCE project has organized a Slovene debate competition Young about Plastics. Four Slovene grammar schools attended the competition, some having rich experiences with debate competitions, others having good natural science background. Teachers and students joined social and natural sciences and became stronger. Debate title in semifinal was Plastics are fantastic and Using bioplastis is good in finals.

We believe that all students are winners; maybe students from Gimnazija Vič had the benefit of home ground and were the best among good ones.

Dear students and teachers of Gimnazija Vič, Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer, Gimnazija Jurija Vege Idrija and Gimnazija Ledina, Ljubljana, CONGRATULATIONS! Big thanks goes also to Gimnazija Vič and their headmistress for the hospitality.

Dear students, if our future is in your hands we have nothing to be afraid! PHOTOS     Video

Packaging and the Environment


On 27th January 2014 COBRO – PLASTiCE project partner – organized a dedicated PLASTiCE seminar in COBRO’s HQ in Warsaw, Poland. Main subject of the seminar was focused on different aspects of sustainable development of packaging materials, including plastics. The subject gave the opportunity to promote PLASTiCE project, which main goal is to identify and remove barriers for widespread usage of sustainable plastics (such as biodegradable plastics and plastics produced from renewable resources) in the whole value chain. One of main project outcomes was to prepare a document called Transnational Advisory Scheme, which was conceived in a form of guide for all stakeholders interested in sustainable plastics – the guide is called Bioplastics – Opportunity for the Future and is available in both physical and digital format. First part of the seminar was dedicated to the explanation of PLASTiCE outcomes and the Transnational Advisory Scheme. This was followed by a discussion about sustainable plastics.
In addition to that range of topics presented on the seminar included – Life Cycle Assessment as a method of measuring environmental sustainability of plastics, waste management policy and legislation of plastics and other packaging materials, including recently updated regulations concerning multi-material packaging waste.
Seminar was very successful in terms of attendance, there were 128 people present representing full value chain of packaging and plastics industry.


3rd International PLASTiCE Conference - Future of Bioplastics

The third PLASTiCE international conference, which also counted as the project final conference, was successfully concluded on October 2nd with a round table discussion. The two-day conference held in Warsaw, Poland under the title: The Future of Bioplastics, was attended by more than 120 participants from 18 countries.
On the first day project partners and associates of the project presented the outcomes of PLASTiCE project. Those outcomes focus on popularisation of bioplastics, the concept of sustainable development in plastics and identifying and reducing barriers of bioplastics in their whole life cycle.

Second day emphasised on bioplastic market and industry development. Invited international experts presented current knowledge, new technologies and sustainable growth perspectives of bioplastics, their practical applications and sustainability assessment opportunities which can be used in marketing, PR and product development.

The conference was closed with a presentation of representative of Central Europe Programme in Poland who explained the future priorities of CE programmes and was followed a round table discussion where conclusions and recommendations were given.


Polymers from renewable resources and biodegradable polymers

Italian seminar “Polimeri da fonti rinnovabili – polimeri biodegradabili”, 29 November, Bologna, Italy.

Italian project partners University of Bologna and Aster have organized a National seminar for the entrepreneurs and industrial operators who wanted to learn more about the possibilities offered by plastic materials from renewable resources replacing polymers of petrochemical origin in industrial processing. Seminar was well attended with 54 participants from companies and 46 participants from R&D centers and institutes. 

Following topics were presented: PLASTiCE project and National Information Points, sustainable plastics, Case studies carried out within the project, Roadmap “A prosperous future for environmentally biodegradable plastics in Central Europe”, Advisory scheme “Bioplastics – opportunity for the future” and Information toolkit made by PLASTiCE partnership.

Recognized experts from the field of bioplastics gave 9 oral presentations (See program of the seminar) and the seminar was enriched with Poster session where posters of Case studies carried out within the project were presented. Photos Videos


National Institute of Chemistry, lead partner of the PLASTiCE project, has in cooperation with Polymer Technology College (VŠTP) from Slovenj Gradec organized a national seminar on plastics, bioplastics, possible use of renewable resources for production of bioplastics and related to the topic, the concept of biorefineries. More information in Slovenian can be found on the links below.

invitation - report - presentations - photos - videos

2nd International PLASTiCE Conference Trends in Bioplastics


“Trends in Bioplastics” was the second international conference organized within the frame of the PLASTiCE project (Innovative Value Chain Development for Sustainable Plastics in Central Europe, that is carried out within the Central Europe (  The conference was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on September 17-18th 2012 and was attended by more than 80 participants from 11 countries that could follow 25 presentations. The Conference was co-organized by Slopak and the National Institute of Chemistry, both from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Report     Brochure     Presentations    Photos     Videos will be uploaded soon

Compostable Packaging on mass events EURO 2012 press conference, May 24th 2012, Warsaw, Poland

Mass events, such as EURO 2012 championships, gather many inhabitants, sport enthusiasts and tourists in a confined and compressed areas. Within variety of issues connected to their organization, (stadiums, roads, social and accommodation infrastructure etc.) it is important to highlight the necessity of ensuring gastronomic services for a significant number of people. This, in turn, leads to an increase of packaging waste, mainly from plastics. This waste needs to be collected and recovered in a relatively short time period. Single use plastic food trays, cups, containers and cutlery usually offered by fast food establishments on event sites, can be in many cases substituted for compostable packaging manufactured from biodegradable polymers.

In comparison with traditional plastic packaging, the main advantage of packaging from biodegradable polymers is the possibility of collecting it along with food residues (organic waste) and composting it together in industrial composting plants. Industrial composting is based upon natural biochemical processes intensified in artificial conditions. According to the official terminology this is known as “Organic Recycling”.

Organic waste composting is fully acceptable from the point of view of environment protection policy, due to the fact that the industrial composting processes can be controlled.

As highlighted by specialists in the field, composting of biodegradable waste is much cheaper than material recycling of traditional plastics. On the other hand, biodegradable plastics need to be tested according to compostability standards, and preferably marked by a symbol comprehensible for the inhabitants, that instructs the need of disposing those materials with other organic waste in contrast to plastic recycling.

Seminar Bioplastics

PLASTiCE project partners from Slovenia together with association Eco vitae organized a seminar on bioplastics.

The event was aimed at non-governmental organizations in Slovenia. At the event bioplastics and some of its features and advantages over traditional types of plastic were presented. Visitors also had a chance to see and feel different types of bioplastics and noticed that differences between traditional and bioplastics are hardly felt. Therefore, for the proper use and disposal of bioplastics, certification is necessary. The Slovenian company Slopak, which is also in charge for introducing the certification in Slovenia within the project, presented more about this process. How it is done, what it proofs and what assurance it gives to the consumers.

Organizers of event also presented  the environmental footprint of bioplastics and how we can analyse it, as well as what large companies in Slovenia are doing to reduce the impact of the use of plastic packaging.


Launch conference PLASTiCE: Europe for sustainable plastics

The first PLASTiCE international conference, which also counted as the project launch conference, was successfully concluded on October 25th with a round table discussion. The two-day conference (October 24-25) held in Bologna, Italy under the working title: Europe for sustainable plastics, was attended by more than 70 participants from twelve countries. more 

You can download presentations from conference here.

Conference video will give you better feeling how the conference looked like.

Please check also our YouTube channel for videos of project presentations.