Bioplastics Opportunities in Central Europe Presentations

Production and Use of Polyhydroxyalkanoates, Gerhart Braunegg (Graz University of Technology) and Martin Koller

Solid-state properties of polymers from biocatalysis, Mariastella Scandola (University of Bologna)

Novel systems based on thermoplastic polysaccharides: from starch to chitosan materials, Eric Pollet (University of Strasbourg)

Biodegradable materials based on PLA, PHB and their blends, Pavol Alexy and Ivan Chodak (Polymer Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences)

Poly4EmI, Mateja Dermastia (Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of economic development and technology)

Understanding feasibility and scalability of enzymatic synthesis of polyesters, Lucia Gardossi (University of Trieste)

PLASTiCE project presentation, Andrej Kržan (National Institute of Chemistry)

WP4 - Framework conditions for simulated market demand, Greg Ganczewski (COBRO-Packaging Research Institute)

WP3 - Developing a roadmap for action - from science to innovation in the value chain, Luk Palmen (INNOCO)

Global network for sustainable plastics – development, implementation, prospects, Stanislav Miertus (ICARST)

The use of sustainable plastics in Egypt, El Refaie Kenawy (Tanta University)

The Present and the Future of Sustainable plastics in Ukraine, Maksym Iurzenko (Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)

Bioplastics situtation in Czech Republic, Michaela Barinova (Tomas Bata University)

Price calculation and knowledge transfer, Ivan Chodak jr. (Accuratio)

FIBROMER® Cellulose Fibre Reinforced Polymer, Elisabeth Url (Mondi)

Injection of PLA, Boštjan Šmuc (Tecos)

Wheylayer 2 – Material development and benefits, Urška Sušnik Pivk (Lajovic Tuba)

Collection of biodegradable Waste in municipality Piran – Use of biodegradable bags (Okolje Piran)

Composting of biodegradable bags – Slovenian Case study, Bojan Krpan (CRO Vrhnika)

Innovation e-Platform for Bioeconomy, Alexis Zrimec

Polymer Technology College, Maja Mešl and Irena Pulko, Polymer Technology College