Project prolongation

In March PLASTiCE partnership received the information that the project is being prolonged for 6 Months – until September 30 2014.
The prolongation plan includes variety of activities focusing on dissemination of project outcomes, cooperation with companies in form of Case studies and Face2Face trainings and seminars for Chambers of Commerce. The last project conference will take place in September in Slovenia.
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PLASTiCE conferences and seminars

You can find more information about the past PLASTiCE events here.

What are sustainable plastics?

What exactly we mean when we say sustainable plastics? Is this only the plastics made out of starch? Only the one made with recycling? Find out what a certain word means in a world of plastics in our glossary, or check for certain answers to most frequently asked questions.  

PLASTiCE- plastics aligned with nature

The unstoppable growth in plastics use has brought with it a growing environmental burden-from the perspective of resource   use, emissions released during the production stage, and waste management. If we want to control and reduce these negative impacts on the environment it is essential that we move to the production and use of plastics with a higher level of sustainability, in particular biodegradable and biobased plastics. By identification and removal of barriers within the complete value chain, Plastice project wants to help towards faster and more widespread use of sustainable types of plastics, particularly biodegradable plastics and plastics based on renewable resources. Read more 

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by ERDF.EUCE