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Bioplastics Opprotunities for the Future

Final PLASTiCE confernece Slovenj Gradec, 23-24 September

Bioplastic opportunities for the Future

»Bioplastic Opportunities for the Future« is the fourth and final conference organized within the PLASTiCE project—Innovative value chain development for Sustainable plastics in Central Europe.

Previous conferences (organized in Bologna, Ljubljana and Warsaw) showed the state-of-the-art in the field, status and importance of sustainable plastics, all with a special focus on Central Europe. The final conference is returning to Slovenia and will take place in Slovenj Gradec in the Koroška region. In the last years this part of the Koroška region is experiencing solid development based on an innovative orientation of the economy with a strong emphasis on sustainable material use. Polymers play a key role in this transformation – a process that is strongly supported by the Polymer Technology College in Slovenj Gradec that will be the local host to the conference.

The program of the conference is connecting the state-of-the-art development with applied aspects of bioplastics while keeping a focus on Central European opportunities as a knowledge and business centre in the field. The program consists of sessions devoted to:

  • Scientific developments that will influence the future of bioplastics
  • PLASTiCE project outputs and case study outcomes
  • Application and material processing issues as seen from academic and industrial perspective
  • Commercial development in the area of bioplastics from material producers point of view
  • The establishment of the Global Network on Sustainable Plastics
  • Knowledge transfer and price calculation

To address these varied issues we have invited some very interesting speakers, among others Prof. Gerhart Braunegg (TU Graz), Prod. Lucia Gardossi (Universitá di Trieste), Eric Pollet (Université Strasbourg), just to name a few.

The conference is an opportunity to learn about new sustainable plastics, their integration with the future of the nascent European bio economy, the current situation of bioplastics in the region and wider. You will have a chance to hear some practical cases and success stories as well as to gather information about knowledge transfer, product price calculation, and find out how bioplastics can accelerate your business. It is also an ideal opportunity for focused networking.

In short:

Final PLASTiCE International Conference: Bioplastic opportunity for the Future

September 23-24 2014, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

Polymer Technology College (http://goo.gl/qGp2n7),

Free of charge – first register first serve (up to max capacity)

For more information about the conference please contact conference secretariat Ms. Petra Horvat: petra.horvat@ki.si. For registration please contact Ms. Mojca Trkaj: mojca.trkaj@ki.si

More information about the conference is available on www.plastice.org or www.facebook.com/PlasticeSlovenia